About Us

  • The first Marrone Rosso coffee shop was opened in Almaty in June 2009 as part of the global Aroma Group chain.

  • Every day our chain is growing and developing only for the better, all because we want you to have not only gastronomic pleasure, but also a place to have a retreat with a cup of your favourite beverage.

Наши цели

  • To always deliver a high level of quality

  • Meet the needs of different customer categories 

  • To find new and effective solutions to improve our brand

Особенность Marrone Rosso

A distinctive feature of the coffee shop is the ability to see how your order is prepared. The lack of waiters in the establishment served as a reason to invite a guest in by name. These principles appealed to Israelis - in a relatively short time, Aroma has become the largest chain of coffee shops in Israel.

  • 150

    кофеен в Израиле, Америке, Канаде, Украине и Казахстане

  • 27

    лет назад отворились двери первого отделения Aroma

  • 200k

    клиентов ежедневно посещают наши кофейни